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Gloo previously known as Daktech has been getting a new update on advance server. Now, you can use this new tank to play and annoy his enemies. Interestingly enough, most of his skill is crowd control skill which makes him much more annoying than we thought.

The name Parasitic tank might suit this hero, where Gloo has the ability to go inside the body of the enemy hero, and then when he takes damage, the host will also be getting the damage. However, to do this you will need to hit the enemies with his skill to fill the gauge to full. This gauge will then activate his passive to heal him each damage he dealt to his enemies.

Most of his skill is an immobilized skill, that can hinder his enemy’s movement, pull them, and stun them for a little while. Regardless of how OP he sounds like, much like any other new hero in Mobile Legends, there might besome weaknesses with him that we didn’t know yet, only speculation can be told before its released in the original server!

For his skill description, you can click the link here!

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