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Valentine is coming soon to Mobile Legends, and aside from the little skins that are given by Moonton to Mobile Legends. They are going to give us a huge Valentine discount for all of the previous valentine skin in Mobile Legends.

2017 Valentine Skin Guns and Roses for Clint, and Cannon and Roses for Layla is getting a huge discount from 749 to 524. The Alucard Romantic Fantasy and Miya Sweet fantasy will also be getting the same discount, Dangerous Love and Dangerous Liaison for Lesley and Gussion respectively. Lastly, the newest Gentleman thief and Lady Thief for Khufra and Esmeralda are getting the same reduction.

If you are interested in the new skin for Carmilla and Cecillion, our newest support tanker and OP mage, then you will definitely like the discounted Price, sadly to buy both you will need more money in your pocket. But thankfully Moonton decides to give us this little discount, or it is going to cost more than it should.

Mobile Legends is going to released the new Valentine event on 14 February 2021! So download the game now!

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