Aside from giving us more skins and patches for balancing, Moonton is going to give us more content as part of Mobile Legends NEXT Project. The 2.0 version of Mobile Legends seems like it is going to undergo some major changes. Because Moonton is releasing a new UI survey for their players.

This new UI is going to make the lobby look a lot more cleaner than before. Player will be able to see more things included in the game easily without any problem, The friendlist have a transparent look to it, so that you can see the wallpaper behind it, and you can set it to online and offline mode easily. Interestingly enough it seems like depending on the time you log into the game, the background will also be changed accordingly.

The other UI changes also have the same looks and feel to the other one. However this time aside from the usual map of Mobile Legends that are introduced in the lobby, we can see our most favorite hero in the game, for example Miya and Yuzong that look pretty cool in the image above. The other change that can be seen is the UI that looks a lot bigger than beofre making it easier to look at.

Sadly this is still a survey, but it also means Moonton is still making some changes to fulfill their player’s needs.

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