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Recently NetEase Games had announced a new partnership with Poland based publisher and they are going to bring Frostpunk, a city building survival game to Android and iOS worldwide this year. Originally released on PC in April 2018, this game later made available for PS4, Xbox One in 2019 and then macOS this year on February.

Players will take role of leader in alternate history in the late 19th century, where you will build and maintain city during worldwide catastrophe. From Managing resource to making choices to survive, players must do their best to survive and maintain their resource for survivors to survive.

Of course the mobile version will still retain the signature gameplay system, but there is going to be more modes to play such as Rogue like adventure, Law and Guild, Rare Animal Rescue station and many more.

Game details will be revealed on the annual product launch event on 20 May. If you are interested, you can see more news on their official website!

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