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Square Enix has announced that the closed beta test for the newest battle royale game, “Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier,” will begin on May 7th. The beta test will run from June 1 to June 8, with a total of 20.000 participants. 10.000 from iOS, 10.000 from Android.

Players interested in the game can register here until May 28, but you must be a Square Enix member to participate in the beta test. If you didn’t already know, FF VII First Soldier is a battle royale action game set in Midgar in which players will be able to use Soldier of Shinra who excel in both Magic and Guns to survive and be the last one standing.

Players can use various types of features in the game to further enhance their abilities, just like in any other Battle Royale game. The game is scheduled to be released on both iOS and Android, so if you’re interested, pre-register now!

The game is going to be available in late 2021 in Japanese, English, German, France, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Korean!

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