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Minotaur, the tank in Mobile Legends, has recently received a revamp. Mino is a less popular tank because there are more heroes in Mobile Legends who can fight in the current META. Not only that, but because players must manage the rage bar, which is difficult to do, especially for beginners, it is difficult to use him in a ranked match. That’s why people have been ignoring him, at least until Moonton’s revamp.

Sadly, the revamp isn’t really what we are looking for, because aside from a revamp, it is actually a huge nerf for Minotaur!

The nerf in question is the nerf for his Rage gain. This is intriguing because the majority of the changes affect Minotaur abilities, allowing them to deal more damage in Rage mode. First and foremost, the cooldown of his ultimate, where Mino will charge his Rage mode in the game, will increase by more than 30%, from the 20s to the 30s. Furthermore, the rage gain will be reduced each time he deals damage to the other hero, whether through a basic attack or skill damage.

Elgin, a Mobile Legends Youtuber, requires approximately 34 Basic Attack to gain 1 Rage Mode, whereas previous post revamp updates only require 17 Basic Attack to gain the Rage Mode. This is a major setback for Mino! Not only that, but his second ability, which allows him to gain more Rage bar whenever he is hit by either basic attack, has been updated to increase his Physical damage by 4% of his maximum health.

This change is still not set yet in Mobile Legends since it is still tested. But what do you think about Mino hidden nerf?

Mobile Legends is free to play MOBA game, released on 2016 for both android and iOS. The game is so popular, and it is developed by Moonton which is recently acquired by Bytedance, the company behind TikTok!

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