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Update: It seems like Nathan is the newest Marksman in Mobile Legends. Gameplay below:

Mobile Legends will continue to add new and interesting heroes to the game. They appear to be working hard to make the game more enjoyable for more people. This time, they’re likely to introduce a new hero named Nathan with the code name Space-Time Walker.

Nathan has been teased for over two months, but it is still rumored. However, with the release of Nathan’s most recent art work in a slew of Mobile Legends leakers sites. This new Mage/Support hero appears to be coming to Mobile Legends soon.

Nathan is rumored to be the 107th hero in Mobile Legends, following the release of Phoevus, the game’s newest fighter. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any of his abilities or gameplay, but leakers have claimed that Nathan has knowledge of magic and science in his binding. As a result, he will most likely be a mage hero.

Mobile Legends is a free MOBA game available on Android and iOS!

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