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Krafton, a Korean game developer, recently announced Project Windless. The game is based on the Korean fantasy novel The Bird Who Drinks Tears. Krafton is a well-known Korean developer who works on popular games such as PUBG and TERA. Project Windless was revealed in 2019, but it was only recently that it was reactivated.

The Bird That Drinks Tears by Yeong-do Lee was regarded as one of the best Korean Fantasy Novels of the time. The novel had sold millions of copies around the world, and it featured complex characters in an expanding world, which could make it difficult for KRAFTON to capture this world exactly as it should be.

KRAFTON had enlisted the help of many talented Hollywood and Concept artist Lain McCaig to help bring the novel to life. McClain is well-known for its work in the Star Wars Universe, Avengers, Harry Potter, Terminator, and a variety of other films. With the novel’s popularity, we’re hoping that KRAFTON will be able to depict the character in the game in a way that corresponds to the original novel.

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