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In the past, Mobile Legends had released a wide variety of squad skins. The most recent one is the Hero skins, which transforms most Mobile Legends heroes into skin-tight leather suits that are not only powerful but also very cool. Well, it has recently been revealed that Moonton will be releasing a new set of Squad skins in the game; here is the survey!

1. Mecha Squad

Heroes: Natalia, Grock, Karrie, Baxia, Kaja and Terizla

2. Food Squad

Heroes: Baxia, Minotaur, Cyclops, and Gord

3. Exorcist Squad

Heroes: Alucard, Badang, Yu-Zhong, Kagura, and Silvanna

4. Girl Squad

Heroes: Ruby, Kimmy, Layla, Lolita, and Benedetta

5. Time Rewind Squad

Heroes: Granger, Clint, Kagura, Lesley, Balmond, Grock

6. Time Space Ranger Squad

Heroes: Alucard, Yve, Clint, Ruby, Karina, and Grock

Personally, I absolutely love the Time Ranger Squad’s futuristic appearance. But there hasn’t been any news about the next squad skin being released, and there may still be some minor changes to the overall design, plus the survey hasn’t been set up yet. But, what are your thoughts on the new squad skins? Which do you prefer?

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