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Valorant, a popular FPS game from Riot Games, is finally coming to mobile. There are over 14 million players in the game who play the popular FPS game that is a hybrid of MOBA and CS:GO. Riot has now confirmed that the mobile version of the game will be released.

Riot had been hinting at this for months, with reddit users discovering touchscreen control for the game when playing it on a laptop in tablet mode. Although it was not officially released by Riot Games at the time, many people speculated about its release until now.

Aside from PUBG, CODM, and Free Fire there are not many good FPS game in Mobile, and much less than that a good MOBA style FPS game much like Valorant. Valorant Mobile will be like a new refreshing taste to mobile gaming industry.

Valorant will most likely be available on the App Store and Google Play at some point. In the meantime, you can play the game on PC by visiting the official website, where it is available for free.

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