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Following the release of the most recent Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 in the Original Server. There are so many updates that they will affect the majority of Mobile Legends gameplay. But it’s precisely this aspect of the game that makes it so compelling. Recently, not even a day after the updates, Mobile Legends leakers have discovered that Moonton is planning to revamp four of the most popular heroes in the game.

Yes, as seen in the image above, Lancelot, Hayabusha, Odette, and Kagura are rumored to be getting a makeover. Kagura had already been teased in the past for her inability to deal with the current META and how difficult she is used in by beginners. The most intriguing aspect is that two of the most popular Assassins, Hayabusha and Lancelot, who are literally in and still in the current META, are rumored to be revamped.

Well, regardless this revamp happens or not. It is currently still a rumor and there might be many changes in the future regarding this revamp, but based on the hype and the artworks that had been leaks. Odette and Kagura Revamp Might be set on the stone!

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