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Each Month Moonton is going to release a new skin for their players. From the usual Normal skins for new heroes to the rare Collector skins that will change the design and skill effect of the heroes that get one. And on the recent leaks, Roonby has found out that Moonton is going to release the next collector skin for Natalia in August 2021!

The August 2021 Collector skin is going to be released for Natalia in the name of Pantheon Warrior. Natalia will be getting a futuristic look including her weapon and skin design, with a white coat that match her basic look. The design incorporates a white and yellow color scheme, giving her a cool and deadly appearance.

Natalia is one of the most lethal assassins in the game, thanks to her ability to deal high burst damage. Not only that, but she can silence magic users while hiding and disapearing from her enemies’ eyes after killing them.

If you play Natalia in Mobile Legends, you should definitely get these skins because they will look great on her!

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game on android and iOS. Players will be sent to the land of dawn in a match of 5v5 to battle against one another to destroy their base. Players will be able to select more than 100 new heroes to battle against one another with different skills and strategies. Those that have the skill will win the game!

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