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After Natan which is going to be Mobile Legends newest Marksman, Moonton finally decides to released Aamon, the newest Assassins in the game. Following the previous codename of gussion brother, Aamon is going to be a cool and really OP assassins in the game.

Much like her brother, Aamon has the abilities to deal massive burst damage to his enemies by using his dagger. His first and ultimate skills is a burst damage skill, while his second skill is a conceal/damaging abilities that will help him be invincible in the game. Of course there is a catch to it.

If you have seen the video above, you will be able to see that he has 2 attack damage, Physical and Magical damage. The Magic Damage is only activated when he got his dagger that he throws in the ground, or when he uncloacks and burst his enemies with his basic attack after hiding. He is able to release bunch of knives that target the enemies randomly/the nearest enemies by using his first skill one at a time, and burst them down when using his ultimate.

Aamon skill is perfect for the current META since his cloacking abilities will resets everytime he kills other and this will make him untargetable by a lock on monster like Eudora or Aurora, and any other marksman that mainly deal damage by using basic attack.

He is a bit harder to use in my opinion, but what do you think about Aamon?

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game on android and iOS. Players will be sent to the land of dawn in a match of 5v5 to battle against one another to destroy their base. Players will be able to select more than 100 new heroes to battle against one another with different skills and strategies. Those that have the skill will win the game!

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