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NCsoft has finally revealed the release date for their next MMORPG game, Blade & Soul 2. The game, which is expected to be released on both mobile and PC platforms with a Cross-Play feature, will finally be available to play in August 2021.

Blade & Soul 2 introduces three new races, beginning with Gon, Jin, and Lyn. There will be no distinct classes, but the player will be able to choose from six different weapons to kill the enemies with. The game begins in the background of the previous sequel “Sword Spirit,” where the previous heroes have become legends, and players can explore more different areas to solve the mystery.

Those who are interested in the game can pre-register at this link!

Blade & Soul 2 will be released on mobile for Android and iOS, but it can also be played on PC using NCsoft’s Purple emulator. Unfortunately, the game will only be available in South Korea, and no global release date has been announced!


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