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What if your lovely and cute figurine comes to life like the movie toy stories? You will probably know the answer if you had played a game called Figure Story. A Strategic, Idle RPG Game, where players will get to see their lovely figurine characters comes to life on Android and iOS.

“Figure Story” is coming! Here, you will become the master of the models and experience a wonderful adventure of the miniature world – the original box play unboxing experience; the high value model system to raise; rich resources with one click; casual placement to raise without liver damage; come to unlock the secret story of the models, share the joy, anger and sorrow, and guard the world with them!

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know the story overall and because of the language which is Mandarin, I have a really hard time playing the game. But I will personally share to you what I love about this game, and it is the cute character and the graphic. Unlike any other similar game, the game graphic is really good, like 10 out of 10 because of the graphic itself. The figurine has really good animation, and skill effects, with a smooth move to it. You can see the little trailer below.

The gameplay is very similar to those idle strategic games, where players will need to manage the position of each character based on their role as support, DPS, Fighter, or Tank and then the character will immediately fight by themselves. Not only that players will be able to use their ultimate skills to win the game after collecting sp or mana by fighting the enemies. There are going to be gacha for each different character rarity, and like any other p2w game, the more you spent, the OP your team will be.

Regardless, the game is very fun to play, and very eye-catching for me personally. If you love a fun, and really high-quality graphic play, this is definitely for you!

Figure Story is available for android and iOS!

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