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Tribes of Midgard, is the newest action survival game that is available to download in PC by using Steam services. The game is really simple, you only need to survive, and fight the monster while defending the Yggdrasil from the enemies attack each night while focusing on your objective which is to kill the fenrir (1st Season). Not only that, there are also Jotun which is huge giant that are going to destroy your Yggdrasil after some time, and also a never ending winter if you play the saga mode. The game has many classes that you can choose from, and each class has their own benefits in the game, from the 2 unlockable class which are Warriors and Ranger, to the harder one which is the Berserker class.

How to Unlock Berserker Class in Tribes of Midgard

To unlock Berserker in Tribes of Midgard, Players will need to fight and kill 20 monsters in the game in 10 seconds. This is a problem because there aren’t that many monsters that group up like that in the game and if the damage that you dealt with is not enough, you won’t be able to kill them in 10s. So how do you do it, well there are 2 ways to do this.

1. Using Gate when Hellthing Spawns at night

To do this you will need:

  • A Purple Grade Weapon (Either Dark, or Fire Swords), I use Yellow Grade Dark Weapon for Whirlwind skills
  • Mana Potion and Speed Potion
  • Lastly, Fire Axe for another speed boost
  • 2 out of 3 gate in your village
  • Warrior and Pick the Heated Swap to retain your mana while using another weapons

This is a sure way to get berserker class, first focus on building your gate and wait for 8 – 10 days in the game (Because the more you wait, the more hellthings will spawn in the game. Close the gate, and wait for the Hellthing to spawn, while stacking them (You can see and count them in the game by using the map function). Afterwards, use Mana Potion, Speed Potion, and then use the Fury Skill (E Skills) on the fire axe weapon and then kill the Hellthings by using Whirlwind, again and again, run to the other gate, and then use your Whirlwind to kill the hellthings, and the achievements should pop out.

Note: If it doesn’t works, try to do it on the neverending winter while closing your door, do this in a separate run from your fenrir run.

2. Goblin Camp

I found this by chances and it looks really easy, but it alls depends on your luck if you have a large goblin camp in your game. First of all, find the swamp, and then find the largest goblin camp that you can find. Goblin, because they agro very easily, and they have a small hp pool which makes them really easy to kill. Use your most powerful weapon that you have in the game and start grouping them. After that, counts if you had 20 or more goblins, and then fight and kill them in 10s.

Both are a viable way to get Berserker class, but if you think that you are not lucky enough to get Goblin, use the gate to your advantages. Hopefully this article will help you in some way, thank you for reading this. Have a nice day!

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