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On China Joy 2021, Tencent announces that they are coming to the Mobile Industries (Again) with their new FPS Game called “Arena Breakout“. Although the detail is scarce, here are some of the information that we had gathered with teaser video and screenshot found online.

First of all, Arena Breakout is a rough translation of the game in Mandarin (China) during the ChinaJoy 2021 presentation by Tencent. The game is set to be tested in China on 12 August 2021 and is probably one of the next best things in the FPS game.

The game is a combination of both survival and battle royale games, where players might be fighting for resources in the game since the developer said that there are 12 parameters that the players need to look out for such as hunger, pain, and even limb injury. There might also be a respawn feature in the game because Tencent said that “Once failed, You will lose all supplies that you carry” but we didn’t know the truth yet. The game also has a weapon customization feature to provide the hardcore shooter with flexible gameplay.

If you are interested, you should go to TapTap now and pre-register for Arena Breakout, since it is tested in China on 12 August 2021. Do note that there hasn’t been any information regarding the global release yet. So stay tuned for more updates!

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