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For those that are currently waiting for the next big games on mobile, You should definitely check a post-apocalypse game called Project: Arrival, A game where you are first to step on the futuristic sci-fi world. The game is made by MMC Society and is boasted as the all-new AAA survival game available to play on android and iOS.

Project Arrival is a new survival game, where alien invasion is real, and you live in the future. However that is not your only problem, food, and water are, and your goal is to survive in this world now because it is what it is. Of course, you are not alone, team up with a group of survivors, use their technology that is full of expensive and dangerous-looking weapons and survives!

Project Arrival is available in English, however, it is still on Early Access. For those that are interested, you can check it out now on Google Play or TapTap!

How to Install Project: Arrival on Android:

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