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There aren’t that many good AAA game in mobile for either android and iOS. Thankfully there are so many developers that are trying to make a good game each years, and one of the game that i find worth playing during my mobile game search is Wild Born that are available for both Android and iOS.

The game is announced back in 2019, and is the collaboration game made by Line Games and Rock Square back in the day. The gameplay is very similar to any monster hunting game, where players will need to hunt monster with their friends to kill the monster. With a pretty good graphic, the game promises us similar gameplay to those monster hunting game on PC and Console.

If you love Monster hunter game, then you should definitely check out this game. Where players in the future will suffer from environmental pollution and lost their resources. They went to a planet called Trus full with tons of different monsters and you will need to use a mysterious resource called Arethstone that will boost your fight with giants monster. The hunting starts from the moment you are born in Trus.

How to download Wild Born on Android:

  • Download TapTap
  • Search for Wild Born (TW) or simply click the link here to download the game
  • Install, remember to click “Install from Unknown Source”
  • Have fun!

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