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KonoSuba: Fantastic days is probably one of the most popular game currently in mobile for both android and iOS. The game is so popular that in only 5 days, the game is already downloaded by 1 millions players globally. Now, this type of idle RPG game that has the auto feature built in it is fun by itself, but if you want to grind, it is much more easier to do it on PC by using emulator. Especially since using your phone 24/7 might burden your Phone battery, reducing its battery life.

And so, because of that, today we will introduce to you an emulator that we have been using much recently called “LD Player”. LD Player is a lightweight emulator that can be used in a work laptop. The software is free to use, and it is really easy to use too for those that hate anything complicated this is definitely for you. Just download the software, download your game, and you are set to go. Here are the step by step tutorial on how to play KonoSuba: Fantastic Days on PC by using Emulator LD Players.

How to play KonoSuba: Fantastic Days on PC by using Emulator

  • Afterwards, Install the LDPlayer on your PC or laptop after downloading LDPlayer and Open it.
  • On LDPlayers, You can search for the game that you would like to download immediately on the search game above your screen, or you can go to system apps, and click on Google Play.

  • Search for Konosuba: Fantastic Days to download KonoSuba and play it on your PC or Laptop. Note: First timer might need to input their email to the software, this is to let Play Store recognize you in either your smartphone and the LDplayer app.
  • After the game download, you can open it and then play it on your PC or Laptop

Note: You can also easily customize the buttons on the game to let you easily play Konosuba Fantastic Days on your PC or Laptop. Simply tap the Keyboard buttons and there will be some layout that you can explore or add to let you play the game easier.

Konosuba is a free to play game with IAP that let you play following the story of young hero Satou Kazuma that gets transported into a different world after his death. The game is so much fun to play, with the added comedic story that let you get immersed in the story. The game follow the anime series, with added original story line, so for those that are interested to play in the world of KonoSuba. Check out this game right now!

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