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Ragnarok X Next Generation finally release their new Pet feature, where players will be able to finally be able to get your new furry and non-furry pet in the game to help you in the battles. Not only will there be more fun things to be played with, there will also be many different strategies and equipment build that will come to it, each of course with their own passive abilities to help you long term in battle. So here are some tips and tricks to obtained your first pet.

1. Unlock your Pet System

You will need to reach LVL 60 to unlock this feature. Then you will get a quest where you will need to Basic Pet Merchant Lyra in Prontera and finish the quest to get Pet Shop menu in the game. After that, you will be able to make use of your new tool to start capturing your favourite pets.

2. Gotta Catch Them All!

To tame a monster, you will need to prepare their favourite food. For example, Poring loves Unripe Apple, and Lunatic Loves “Rainbow Carrot”. So find those items first before you are able to catch your pet. You can also buy them with crystals. After that, go tap the Pet Encylopedia where your targeted monster is, and then go to their designated location. For example, Lunatic is located in South Gate Prontera, So we will go there.

Try to equip your slingshot, and then load it with the projectiles to lower your monster health. Once the health is lower to 10% you can finally capture the monster and make it yours. Tap your Pet Taming Skills, and then a nostalgic slot machine will pop up and if you are lucky, you can catch the monster.

3. Level them up and make them your slave

The little ones will have bunch of different skills, so you gotta catch them all, for them to help you in the battle. There are around 16 or more Pet that you could capture in the game, and each with different skill that could help you in battle. Range attacker should choose tanky pet, while Melee attacker should choose buffer or support pet to be able to maximize their efficientcy.

About Ragnarok X Next Generation

Ragnarok X Next Generation is the newest Ragnarok Mobile MMORPG where players will be able to play in the world of Rune Midgard. There are 5 jobs that players could choose from with tons of different skills to utilize in the game. Many features are not found in the previous game from Gathering, Mining, Smelting, and many others, but the game is really fun to play, especially if you are a Ragnarok fan. The game is released on Android and iOS, but you can also play it on PC or Laptop by Emulator.

How to Play Ragnarok X Next Generation on PC

There are many ways to play Ragnarok X Next Generation on PC, but our most lightweight emulator is the LD player. LD player is probably one of the best. I used other emulators like Nox and Bluestack but deemed that Ragnarok X Next Generation is pretty stable in LDPlayers. The minimize function added to the emulator lets you see what you need while doing some other stuff AFKing. LDPlayer also had a built-in Ragnarok X Next Generation hotkey that let you easily navigate in the game. Not only that the macro function will also help you in some tasks like Gathering and hunting.

Download: Ragnarok X Next Generation (LDPlayers)

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