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Recently Mobile Legends Content Creator Hororo Chan release a new video regarding one of her favourite fighters in Mobile Legends, Bane. In this video, she focuses on Bane Cooldown which makes him stupidly scary to deal with, which could almost infinitely spam Bane first skill to kill any enemies.

In this build, Bane is going to focus not only on his CDR, but also his damage, and because of the new item War Axes, Players will also be getting a Physical damage reduction that maximizes Bane Damage more and more! This means that players will be able to kill the back laner easily, by using the combination of Ultimates and Skill 1 and survive by using Bane second skills.

  • Demon Shoes = This item is very good for bane since it will help him in the Mana Consumption. Sadly this means that you will be very annoying to your teammates since you will need to hunt every creep in the lane to get the mana
  • War Axe = War Axe is a core item for Bane since the item is really good not only in the early game but also in the mid-late game. Interestingly enough, War Axes can also be used to increase physical penetration, Movement Speed, Health, and of course Cooldown reduction which is useful for the hero.
  • Bloodlust Axe = Bloodlust Axe is another core item that could be used for spell vamp, and cdr to increase Bane abilities to deal spam more damage. Not only that, but players can also use this item to be more annoying, durable, and fight in the mid-late game. Definitely one of the most important items for Bane.
  • Endless Battle = Since Bane is one of the most spam able fighters, Endless Battle is needed for Bane. Because every time he spams his skill, he could use his basic attack to deal true damage. Not only that, the added CDR, Health, Movement speed and damage are really good for Bane.
  • Malefic Roar = For more damage to tanky, Very important in the late game so that Bane damage won’t be lower than it should be
  • Blade of Despair = Blade of Despair is one of the most important late-game items, increasing the hero damage when below 50%.

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By using Assassins Emblems that can be used to reduce Bane CD by 10%, Bane is able to spam his first skill by 1.6s, and when using the War Axe Stacks, the CD is lowered to 1.5s, This will help him spam his skill, making him more like a marksman that deals damage in the backline, rather than a Fighter that hits hards by using melee. Not only that, By using this build, his CD will be lowered to 18s, which makes his ultimate spam able in most cases.

What do you think about Bane Mobile Legends Build by Hororo Chan? Do you think they will popularize it in the game? Tell us your thoughts!

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