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TeamLo, recently announce that they are going to make a new battle royale game for both android and iOS. For those that are not familiar with the game Six.A: Raiders Missions is similar to PUBG Mobile and other battle royale games. Where you will be sent to an island full of people and fight to the death until only one team is left. Players will need to find their own weapon and fight til death. Players can use weapons like SMG, Pistol, Assault Rifle, and even Sniper to kill the other enemies. Just what suits their play style. Gameplay can be seen in the video below:

The difference between this game and PUBG Mobile or Free Fire are huge though even though the gameplay is similar. This game uses the combination of PvPvE, where players will not only play against other enemies, will also play against zombies that will kill you in sight. Not only that, there will be a huge boss monster that has a good weapon and points, that have a high healths to kill you. Your goals is to work together with your teams to fight this monster and your enemies. However, the game has revive system that will help you play the game much more easily, at least until the area become much smaller and then the revive system will be turned off automatically by the game. Apart from that, it is the usual kill or be killed battle royale gameplay.

How to Download SIX.A: Raiders Mission:

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