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Fairy Tail has always been a fan favourite. What’s not to love, the series about the power of friendship that is so powerful that even the strongest nuke like wizard could not kill. Anyway, the game had release a new mobile game, and surprisingly it is not a turn base game, but an action RPG game that could potentially be better than most of the game adaptation on

If you are familiar with musou type of game, then you will know the familiar gameplay. Where players will need to go around, fight enemies, until there are none left in the map. Use a bunch of different characters from Fairy Tail universe, each with their own abilities and type that corresponded with one another. Each enemies has their own types, and the elements will deal with them, increasing or decreasing your character damages. To get the character though, you will need to gacha much like any other mobile game.

How to Download Fairy Tail Fighting ARPG Game on Android

How to log into Fairy Tail Fighting ARPG Game on Android:

For those that have a problem log into the game, then you should check out the video above, which detailed the step by step tutorial on how to log into the game.

How to Play Fairy Tail Figthing ARPG Game on PC:

  • Download LDPlayers (One of the most lightweight Emulator on PC) and install it
  • Open LD Player and Take the APK, That you have downloaded and drag it on to the Emulator
  • The Emulator will then prompt if you want to install the APK, click yes!
  • Wait for it to Install
  • Enjoy!

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