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Not every gamer want a competitive play, whereas there are many players that are interested in doing a much more casual play on their phone. Because recently there are too many games that are too competitive in Android. If you are one of those gamer, here are some of the best casual games that you should play on your android phone.

1. Cookie Kingdom

One of the best casual games in my opinion. The building aspect of the game is very fun, and while doing the waiting, you could always have fun at the world to collect some diamonds and other equipment to increase your cookie power. The game is very easy to play, there is no commitment to it, and you can always come back to it anytime you wanted to.


2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

If you love a virtual sim game that you can play anywhere and anytime you want, then Animal Crossing is definitely your choice. The game is very easy to understand, build something that you want, collect the mats or the furniture for it, decorate and make your own place as you want, talk to the NPC and invite your friends to play together.


3. Adorable Home

The game is simple to understand, Make your own home, and then live inside it. You can choose your own partner in any gender, stay together with your furry companion, and then start decorating as you like. You can choose what you want to add to your house. Take a picture, earn more love, and then unlock more stuff in your adorable home.


4. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales

If you love stranger things, and you love puzzle, maybe Stranger Things Puzzle is a game for you. The game is an easy to play match 3 puzzle game where players will be able to use each character skill by matching 3 puzzle together. The game is very much similar to the overly popular Best Fiends or Candy Crush game that is famous on android and iOS.


5. Love & Pies – Merge

Love & Pies is a new Puzzle game, where you not only will merge cakes, cookies and other yummy treats to the customer but also need to solve the mystery of who burns down your family cafe. You will play as Amelia and follow her story in this most interesting casual puzzle game on android!


The games listed above are some of the best casual android games that you can play and easily understand the gameplay without any worries. Personally, We love to play Adorable Home because of how chill the game is, and Love and Pies because of the mystery behind it, but you can choose your own game to play. Oh yeah! You can also play the game above on PC by using an emulator, we recommend LDPlayer that is a lightweight android emulator on PC with tons of features.

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