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Aside from Pokemon, Digimon is one of the most popular monsters taming games on Android. Where players will be able to command a cool monster that can evolve to attack other wild monsters deemed too dangerous to others players. The game is a lot of fun, but it pales in comparison to Pokemon.

It could be because Pokemon are thought to be cuter than Digimon, who are more cool looking. For those that have the nostalgic feel to Digimon game and wanted to find a good digimon game then you are in luck because recently Bandai Namco release a new Digimon mobile game called “Digimon New Generation”

Digimon: New Generation is one of the newest Digimon games, made with the collaboration of Bandai Namco and Qixia Interactive Entertainment. The game is the first Digimon mobile game in China, and is well made enough to have an original plot aside from the anime series.

Download Digimon: New Generation on Android

Play Digimon New: Generation on PC

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