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Ragnarok Origin is one of the most intriguing mobile games available for Android and iOS right now. The game is currently available on US/EU servers, and many players around the world have been eagerly awaiting the English version.

Gravity is incorporating lots of new features on Ragnarok Origin. One of these is a pet feature in which players can tame pets and use them as allies in the game. Each pet will have their own stat boost for you, and if you’re unsure how to tame and catch a pet, here’s a guide on how to tame a pet in Ragnarok Origin.

1. To Tame a Pet You Must Achieve Level 40

Unlocking a pet feature will need your character level “Base Level” to be level 40. At this point, players will be given a Pet Quest that you will need to complete and get your first pet. The rewards for the pet quest is going to be Rainbow Carrots and Condensed Orange Juices that are needed to tame your first pet.

2. Open your Pet Menu, and See all the pet that you can tame

Each pet has its own tameable item that is needed to capture them. First, you will need to see if you had the needed item to acquire your pet. Rainbow Carrots and Condensed Orange Juices should already be available for you to use and catch your first pet. Choose the pet that needs the items to capture, and your player will automatically run there.

Note you can buy the pet catching consumable at the witch in west prontera.

3. Net Icon!

After that, find the pet that you want to capture, and there is going to be a Net Icon that will indicate that the pet is available to capture, if you had the requirements (The pet tameable item) then you may attempt to capture the monster. However, the attempt may fail, but if you are lucky enough the monster is going to be sent to your inventory as an egg.

4. Hatch the egg

Players that wanted to hatch the egg will be able to do so by opening your Inventory and then double click on the egg of the monster.

There you have it, it is pretty easy right to catch monster much like the original Ragnarok MMORPG game? Well, if you are interested in the game, check out our link here to download the game, or here to download and play the game on PC.

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