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Really good news has come for those who wanted to play PS2 on their phone because there is now a PS2 emulator on Android called AetherSX2 that has been updated and can be played with a stable FPS even on low-end devices. Tahlreth created the emulator, which can run most PS2 games.

The team announced and claimed that even in the alpha version of AetherSX2, the emulator had already exceeded expectations and could run immediately without any problems. Interestingly, unlike most PS2 emulators, such as the Android DamonPS2, which is accused of stealing PCSX2 code and infringing on their license, AetherSX2 has the full support of the PCSX2 developer.

AetherSX2 is compatible with the majority of mobile processors, including MediaTek, Samsung, and Qualcomm. Here’s a little gameplay for those who are interested:

Download AetherSX2 on Android:

Do remember that this is only the apps, not the game. The emulator will need a PS2 game or simply put the ISO. Also, here is the list of the playable games with a stable FPS and the resolution from the community: Link here. If you want to contribute, please go to their discord channel, and their Reddit community and report a bug that has happened, what devices had you use to play the game and many more.

Download and play AetherSX2 on your android phone now!

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