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There are so many RPG games that you can find for mobile, especially for android. If you are currently looking for android RPG games with anime-like graphics, then you are in a right place, because today we will give you some of our best Anime RPG games on Android for 2022. Check out this list below!

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  • Intel VT-x/ AMD-V

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1. Manasis Refranin

Manasis Refrain is a grand ARPG game, where players can control 3 beautiful girls, each with their own skills to hunt down monsters. If you are familiar with the tales series, the game is pretty similar to that, take quest at the town, follow the storyline, fight monster or collect ingredients to finish up the quest. The game is pretty fun to play especially for those that love a good graphic JRPG type of game.


2. Blue Archives

Blue Archives, one of the most anticipated RPG games, has finally arrived on Android and iOS worldwide. The game with the cute girl and the cool gameplay mechanics will finally be available in English. Check out the article here if you’re interested in the game!

Blue Archive allows you to follow the story of a young and daring girl in her youth. While doing so, they will face off against the rival school on occasion. In the game, you will play as a teacher or advisor to the Federal Investigation Club. You will guide them and investigate numerous incidents involving monsters and humans throughout the game, and you will need to guide your schoolgirl to fight and win against them.


3. Alloy City

Alloy City is an ACT RPG Game, where you will play as incarnated as a powerful human with skills. You will play to fight against the monster that will hinder humanity peace in the world. You can choose your job freely, make your own skill, explore the semi-open map, and then fight with exciting combat mode.


4. Komori Life

Much like stardew valley, players can do almost everything in the game. Socializing with the locals, farming, cooking, building and many more. Well as long as you are within your farmland. The gameplay is really simple which is to relax and enjoy it. Players are task to certain jobs, either by providing crops, hunting, or even just talking to one another. It is a really simple game that lets you enjoy and relax.


5. Revived Witch

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game that combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You play as a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and travels across various worlds to fulfill her destiny. You’ll meet many companions with different personalities and fight with them against powerful enemies on your journey.


6. Shin Kaku Gi Kou

Shin Kaku Gi Kou (Roughly translated from Google Translate) is probably one of the most interesting games to find currently. Tencent themselves implemented a Minecraft like gameplay with cute anime-style graphics that will make you go aww after playing it for a while. Players will play as their chosen character each with level, stats, weapon, and skills to choose from, and then fight in this sandbox MMORPG game. The game is pretty fun, with players able to change the world, build whatever they wanted, and fight monsters to unlock more places with more resources. It is a minecraft RPG that we want!


7. Tales of Luminaria

Tales of Luminaria is a new Tales game for mobile players. In the game, players will be able to enjoy a high quality (graphic and gameplay) with 21 or more protagonists, each with their own story to explore. Players will be able to choose and play their favourite character and explore the world of Tales together. Unlike other RPG games, Tales of Luminaria is a 3D action RPG where you could play online with your friends. If you love anime, tales series, RPG, and MMORPG, then this is definitely a must play game.


8. The Last Echo

The game introduces us to Clara, a young girl who is attempting to go to the secret forest in order to save her friends. However, on her way to help her friends, she encounters a monster and a fairy tale book filled with power. The game uses a 3D Action RPG game, with really cool graphics that make the game appear not only beautiful but also eerie.

The Last Echo allows players to explore and fight using a powerful book that can learn the enemy’s abilities. You can also create your own fighting style and then use what you’ve learned to easily defeat your opponents. The game is definitely enjoyable to play; however, it is still in Chinese, and the developers have no plans to release it globally “yet.”


9. Eroica

Eroica is a Japanese RPG game with anime style graphics where players will be able to explore the world named Eroica. Players can choose up to 60+ males and female characters each with their own unique backstories and power that could be combined to make an ultimate effect. All of the characters offer different Storyline that will keep you entertained playing the game.

The gameplay is really simple and easy to understand, players will make their own unique teams with the character that they get, and then use them in a turn based combats. Each characters will have their own turns that are based on their stats, on their turns, you will be able to unleash basic attack or skills that will use the pellets as mana system in the game. The gameplay is easy and challenging, but what makes me hooked in the game is the awesome graphics that let you feel like you are watching an anime. If you love Anime and RPG games, definitely check out the game.


10. Tower of Fantasy

Hotta Studio created Tower of Fantasy, a 3D open-world mobile game. Players will have a lot of freedom in exploring the world, thanks to the scrappy sci-fi art style and variety of scenes, as well as the interactive puzzle and fast combat feel. The game tells the story of a post-apocalyptic rescue and destruction.

Tower of Fantasy is built with the Unreal 4 Engine and features real character dynamics as well as a variety of scene interactions that can be used for anything. The game has a similar feel and gameplay to the popular ARPG game Genshin Impact, in which players will be able to use an anime-like character with massively powerful skills that can annihilate any enemies in the game by combining attack combos and skills. The game is a lot of fun to play, and it looks fantastic!


11. Noah Hearts

Noah’s Heart is an anthropomorphic planet large world exploration handheld game developed by Zulong Entertainment and distributed by Tencent Games. With the powerful performance and expressiveness of Unreal 4 engine, the game not only creates a unique seamless spherical continuous large map but also breaks through the traditional MMORPG career restrictions and develops a more open and free gameplay system.

If you are currently playing Genshin Impact, then you will see a little bit of similarity between the 2, the gameplay is ARPG which means players will be able to explore the game anyway they wanted while doing combination skill and effect. The game boast itself as one that breaks the traditional MMORPG career/job restriction where players will be able to develop a more free gameplay system. Well we will see.


12. Occul Mist

With no contacts, players must figure out what’s wrong with Yumikizawa and enter the thick fog. A pair of human eyes are seen above the white cloud suddenly watching you, and a strange black shadow covers the sky, and a monster appears in the forgotten sun’s corner. Can you save the city as a lucky person with a strong body and the ability to fight the monster?

Occul Mist gameplay is simple: you are moved to a board with your and your opponent’s units, and then you fight each other in a battle until one side loses. Players will be able to move, attack, defend, and use skills to destroy enemies on each turn. Each character has their own set of abilities and attacks, and it is your job to eliminate them all. If you enjoy old NIS SRPG games like Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, and other mobile strategy turn-based RPGs, you will enjoy this game.


13. Lapis Re: Lights

Lapis Re: Light is a collaboration game presented by KLab and KADOKAWA, where players will be able to use their favourite idols in this Japanese RPG game. The graphic is really good, and the animation is awesome. Much like any other RPG game on mobile, Lapis Re: Light uses a turn-based RPG system where players will be able to take turns with the enemies to use their skills. Each character uses in the game has their own power, and players are able to combine them to make a powerful team of 5.

The gameplay system is really easy to understand, each turns your character will have a different emblem that can be combined with the same emblem. The combined attack will increase the damage of each character on the same combos, and increase the MP that can be used to deal massive damage to the enemies. You can also increase each idols damage, by increasing their stats and level to further enhance your damage.


14. Under Oath

Under Oath is a game where players will make a team of 3 to rebel against the demon. The battle against the demon is pretty fun. Where each monster battle will relocate you to a deserted place where you and your enemies will kill one another, each character has their own powers, and you will battle in a 1v1 match, however, you can change your character anytime you wanted.

Character in the game has 5 attacks, basic, 3 active skills and 1 ultimate skill that you can tap to use. Each skill has its own effect or debuff that could be used to increase another skill effect, now if you want to win, combine each and every skill that you have to increase your damage against the demons. However, if you want to you can also overpower them with level alone or raw stats.


15. Gemtrader Story: The Aeon Stone

The gameplay of the game is a simple turn-based gameplay system. Each team has their own formation on 3×2 tiles where players will be able to use their respective weapons and abilities to cast in each formation. Each weapon has different patterns and combos that will damage the other enemies depending on where they stand. The game is really simple and easy to understand even if you didn’t know the language.


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Hopefully, this list can help you find some of the best Anime RPG games on android in 2022. Check out another Roonby article to get a more interesting game list!

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