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Mobile Legends recently rumoured that they are going to release a new collaboration with Hello Kitty. Introducing the Sanrio character to the original MOBA games. One of the leaks said that Angela, one of their supports in the game will be getting a Hello Kitty skin in the game.

However because Moonton has a reputation of disappointing their fans with Mobile Legends collaboration, there are many people that disregard this news and rumour. But this was confirmed with new leaks regarding the skill change of Angela in Mobile legends in collaboration with Hello Kitty character with a new set of effect that is going to be implemented in the game. You can see the leak below:

In the leaks, player can see that the usual Angela First Skills that usually emits a pinkish aura, is going to release a pink ribbon as part of her first skill. Interestingly enough, this really suits the Hello Kitty character in Sanrio universe. Changing the usual boring pink aura into a ribbon that will heal her allies and damage the enemies.

Apart from Angela, it is said that Mobile Legends is going to give Chang’e, Floryn, and Claude the Hello Kitty collaboration skins inside the game. Regardless of wether this information is true or not, we can only wait for the collaboration and the official statement by Moonton.

Mobile Legends is MOBA games by Moonton that are free to download on Android play store, and iOS App Store!

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