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Looking for new MOBA games much like Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, you should definitely check out a game called RE: AETATIS. The game is made by Bilibili, and it is one of the recent mobile games made by the developer introducing us to a new MOBA mobile game. The graphic is awesome, with a cool and smooth skill effect that will definitely make your jaw drop.

Here are 10 minutes gameplay of the game:

RE: AETATIS is a futuristic urban-style MOBA game published solely by bilibili Games. AETATIS, the equal and passionate continent, will always welcome all! The gameplay is very similar to that of other MOBA games in that the goal is to simply destroy the enemy base/nexus/whatever you want to call it. It is a 5v5 competitive games where players will fight in the battle of skills against one another.

In the game, players can select from a variety of characters. Each character has a distinct role, such as marksman, tanker, fighter, and many others who specialize in various settings. Depending on their role, each character has their own skill set that can deal damage, buff, debuff, or even heal allies. The game is fantastic, the graphics are incredible; however, it is still only available in Chinese, making it difficult to play; however, if you are interested, here is how to download the game.

Download RE: AETATIS on Android:

RE: AETATIS is currently on pre-registration, so you might need to pre-register to get the chance to play and download the game.

  • Enter their official website in this link here
  • Click on the middle button to pre-register the game
  • You will need to input your WeChat Account or your Bilibili account to pre-register into the game

If you are not familiar with this method, then you could also pre-register on TapTap for easy one tap pre-registration process:

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