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There are so many awesome and cool games that are being released each day. Sadly because most of the games are not marketed well, as such it is up for us to find those that are awesome for gamers. Here are 7 games on android that have awesome gameplay in 2022. Check it out!

1. Lost Light

Lost Light is a mobile FPS survival game that incorporates a battle royale element into the survival genre. Players are forced and tasked in this game to find resources and fight for them in a battle of skills and death. Players are given a gun and a slew of other items to aid in their survival. Join the Firefly task force and uncover the sinister plot behind the exclusion zone. The game has fantastic graphics and gameplay, and it is well worth playing.

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2. Battlefield 1914

Battlefield 1914 is a one-person game in which players are immersed in the world of war during WW1. Players will take on the role of a soldier, attacking or defending against an enemy’s attack while defending their base. To kill the enemies, players can use a tank, a machine gun, an albatross, or an anti-aircraft gun. The graphics aren’t spectacular, but the gameplay is quite good, especially considering it was created by a single person.

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3. Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

Do you enjoy memes? Then you will undoubtedly enjoy this fighting game, as it features all of your favorite meme characters and animals. To accentuate your greatness as the king of animal meme, you can challenge yourself in arcade mode and become the king of animals. This game contains characters such as Doge, Cat, and even Squirell. Each animal has their own set of combos and abilities that can be used to deal damage and, of course, to kill your enemies in style. Fight of Animals is a hidden gem that all of you should play because the gameplay is awesome and the graphics are memeable.

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4. Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Broken Universe is a fantastic tower defense game that will force you to reconsider all of your defense strategies! Construct barricades to keep monsters at bay, or lure them into a maze and attack. A number of stages that change depending on how you play them. In this tower defense game with a twist, you can devise your own unique strategies. Play however you want and however you can think of. You can even choose where to land at the start of each game!

Experiment with various strategies, such as blocking all paths and hiding safely behind your walls, or guiding monsters down a long line of fire. Create your own unique style of play by combining the various towers and barriers. Try blasting monsters so hard that they can’t approach, mixing monsters up so much that they can’t function properly, or focusing on defense and recovery to construct an impenetrable fortress. You can even try backing a swarm of monsters into a corner and eliminating them all at once, or lining them up and eliminating them one by one.

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5. Candy Disaster

“Candy Disaster” is a 3D tower defense strategy game in which monsters will go through every possible route to loot your candies, and you must choose, place, and move traps to keep the candies safe from enemies! You have a vast arsenal of special traps at your disposal to maximize your damage and battle the monsters! Unlike traditional tower defense games, you can move your traps at any time and devise the best strategy for various enemy waves!

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There you have it, Android games that have the best gameplay in 2022. There are so many awesome games are being released nowadays that can be compared with PC or console games. Each of these games can be played for free, so download and play it now on your phone, or you can use emulator such as LDPlayers, a light weight android emulators on PC for free by using this link!

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