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If you are looking for a vibrant world to play in your MMORPG series on android, then you are in luck. Because in 2022, there are so many interesting new Open World MMORPG games that are being made because of the popularity of Genshin Impact in the previous year. Because of that, here Roonby is going to give you a recommendation of some of the best Open World MMORPG Games that you should play in 2022.

Best Android Open World MMORPG 2022

1. Neverland Adventure

In Neverland Adventure, player can make their own character and customize them accordingly. Not only that, Players can choose their own class that suits their playstyle anytime they wanted. Ranging from Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman and many more. Players can switch whenever they want, and match the skill tree talents accordingly.

There are also many contents that you can explore in the world, ranging from Dangerous Realm Corridor, Barren Ancient Ruins, and many more. You will also be accompanied by a flower fairy that will transform and grow into a human. The game is pretty enough, with good graphics, and awesome gameplay. Definitely check it out if you love Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, and Noah Hearts.

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2. Code: XD

Code: XD starts with character creation in which players are able to make their own characters for free. After the character creation, players will be given a plot of lands and quest to help you adjust in the game. In Code: XD players are able to craft furniture of their choice by using resources around the world. So you will need to find a way to mine them, from woods, berries, to stone, everything can be used to increase your home decoration. Players are also able to make a bed for them to sleep and replenish their energy.

Players can also help and play with each other, trading resources, and socializing to make a more enjoyable environment for one another. Code: XD is a fun game to play with your friends, in which you can find new friends and play with these amazing Minecraft like games with anime graphics.

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3. Noah Hearts

Noah’s Heart is an anthropomorphic planet large world exploration handheld game developed by Zulong Entertainment and distributed by Tencent Games. With the powerful performance and expressiveness of Unreal 4 engine, the game not only creates a unique seamless spherical continuous large map but also breaks through the traditional MMORPG career restrictions and develops a more open and free gameplay system.

If you are currently playing Genshin Impact, then you will see a little bit of similarity between the 2, the gameplay is ARPG which means players will be able to explore the game anyway they wanted while doing combination skill and effect. The game boast itself as one that breaks the traditional MMORPG career/job restriction where players will be able to develop a more free gameplay system. Well we will see.

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4. Tower of Fantasy

Hotta Studio created Tower of Fantasy, a 3D open-world mobile game. Players will have a lot of freedom in exploring the world, thanks to the scrappy sci-fi art style and variety of scenes, as well as the interactive puzzle and fast combat feel. The game tells the story of a post-apocalyptic rescue and destruction.

Tower of Fantasy is built with the Unreal 4 Engine and features real character dynamics as well as a variety of scene interactions that can be used for anything. The game has a similar feel and gameplay to the popular ARPG game Genshin Impact, in which players will be able to use an anime-like character with massively powerful skills that can annihilate any enemies in the game by combining attack combos and skills. The game is a lot of fun to play, and it looks fantastic!

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5. Lineage 2M Global

NCSoft prides itself on being one of the first games to implement full 3D in 4K high definition for mobile devices. The armour patterns that detail the character expressions are also available in the game, where players can achieve the highest degree of graphic quality and enjoy the game’s awesome scenery.

Players can freely select from over 31 classes and races. Play as Humans, Dark Elves, Dwarves, or even Orcs to fight for loot and power across the continent. In addition, players can choose their own class as a knight with a sword and shield, dual blade warrior, raider with assassin power, archer with ranged, cleric, or even a wizard with burst damage. Explore Lineage 2M’s world in an open world setting with seamless loading. Navigate by foot or use teleporters for quick access, and catch wyverns to fly. In the game, you can do whatever you want.

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6. Onigiri Heroes

Onigiri Heroes is actually first released on PC as an open world MMORPG with Japanese settings. Trying to suppress the devil called Oni in the game, you are tasked to roam and finish quests from different cities. The game is now available to mobile with familiar and easy to navigate controls, but most importantly no auto feature that might hinder your gameplay experience.

The gameplay itself is pretty fun, with a health bar, and mana. Where players that want to use their skills will need to use mana. Players will need to watch out for their health and will be able to dodge the incoming attack by using the defence and dodge system. Although the game itself boasts of an old school MMORPG, the gameplay itself is pretty similar to Monster Hunter in my opinion. There is a dungeon feature that feels almost the same as Monster Hunter Vibe, where players are tasked to hit and kill a huge monster that will hit you hard, dodge, combos, and skills are used to kill it.

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7. Injustice Samurai 3

Injustice Samurai 3 in a simpler term is an open-world MMORPG game, where players will be able to choose their jobs that have their own play style. Ranging from the usual warriors that are fairly simpler and balanced to use, to archer that has ranged attack and high DPS to kill their enemies. Follow your own path, or go along with the story and save the female lead on this huge and awesome open-world MMORPG Game.

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The list above contains some of the best Open World MMORPG Games on Android that you can play and download on Android. If you are interested in the game, you can immediately download them and play it now on your phone. However much like any other open-world MMORPG game, it should need a high spec phone, but you can also use an emulator to play the game on your PC: Download it here.

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