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Nowadays, privacy is almost non-existent, especially if you have a niece or family who wants to know everything about your life. That is why it is beneficial to have a second layer of protection, such as an app lock application to help you lock your apps with a password. Here in Roonby, we will give you some of the best app locks applications to lock away your private stuff such as messages, photos, videos, and so on. Take a look at the list below.

Best App Locks Application

1. AppLock

The number one app lock in over 50 countries, with 45 languages supported. Protect your privacy by using a password, pattern, or fingerprint lock. AppLock allows you to lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any other app you want. Protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized access. Make sure you’re safe.

AppLock has the ability to conceal images and videos. Hidden images and videos are no longer visible in the Gallery and can only be found in the photo and video vault. Private memories can be easily safeguarded. No way, no how. AppLock has an invisible pattern lock and a random keyboard. There’s no need to be concerned about people peeking at the pin or pattern. More secure!

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2. AppLock – Fingerprint

Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that uses a password, pattern, or fingerprint to lock and protect apps. Lock the Facebook, Whatsapp, and Gallery apps with a password to keep snoopers out! In addition to providing a perfect lock, AppLock can catch intruders by taking a picture of them and even hide the fact that the app has been locked by displaying a bogus error window! The most sophisticated AppLock! Try it right now!

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3. Smart AppLock (Privacy Protect)

Smart AppLock is an elegant, light, and professional app lock. Smart AppLock is a tool that allows you to lock apps you like and protect yourself from privacy leaks! It is an excellent privacy guard and app lock! Lock privacy – lock apps containing privacy content, such as photos, videos (Gallery), short messages (SMS or MMS), and call logs – with AppLock. Lock apps – lock SNS apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter Lock Incoming Calls Lock settings – lock system settings, install/uninstall apps to prevent phone from being messed up by others or children Lock markets – lock games and markets to prevent your children from becoming addicted to games or making purchases in markets without your knowledge.

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4. AppLock by IvyMobile

AppLock can password or pattern lock apps, photos, videos, and other private data. IVY AppLock is a free app lock and privacy guard that prevents intruders and snoopers from viewing your private data, hides sensitive photos and videos by encrypting your Gallery, and prevents children or snoopers from messing with your settings, deleting important items, or making in-app purchases. Customize app lock settings to your liking; it’s more secure and smart to keep all privacy in one small AppLock.

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5. AppLock Pro – App Lock & Privacy Guard for Apps

AppLock Pro is a popular app locker that allows you to easily lock your apps or photos. Choose a lock model and the apps you want to lock. AppLock is the most effective way to keep intruders from opening your locked apps without your permission. Your privacy is extremely important to us. With this locking app, you can keep your apps safe!

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6. App Lock – Lock Apps, Fingerprint & Password Lock

App Lock safeguards your privacy by using a pattern, fingerprint, or password lock. It only takes one click to lock apps and secure your phone! With App Locker, you can lock all apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Calls, Gmail, Snapchat, and the Play Store. No more unauthorized access! Protect your privacy! Hide photos and videos by encrypting Gallery and turning it into a photo vault. Keep your private memories safe; no one will be able to access them without a password. Use a variety of lock types, including pattern and fingerprint. No one can see your pattern if you use an invisible pattern draw path. Intruder selfie – photograph any intruders who enter an incorrect password.

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7. AppLock – Lock apps & Password

AppLock is a lightweight app protector that safeguards your privacy in mobile apps. AppLock can lock social apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Tumblr, and WeChat. No one can now listen in on your private chat; AppLock can lock the following System apps: Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any other app you specify. Prevent unauthorized access and protect your privacy;

AppLock provides several lock options, including PIN Lock, Pattern Lock, and Fingerprint Lock. To lock apps, select your preferred style. AppLock includes a photo vault. Keep your gallery safe and hide your photos and videos without fear of others seeing them. Screen lock is supported by AppLock. Make it impossible for strangers to use your phone without your permission. AppLock has a variety of themes: We have beautiful Pattern and PIN themes pre-installed.

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