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If you have an older phone, then you must have known the ‘joy’ of getting a hotter phone while gaming right. Not only that, there are usually bunch of hiccup, or frame drop here and there while using the older phone while playing the game. Such as the newest Apex Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, or Mobile Legends for example. If so, then you might need a game booster apps on your phone.

1. Game Booster 4x Faster

Game Booster 4x Faster is a one-tap boost device performance and is an advanced game booster for optimising the gaming experience. This app is going to tweak RAM, and use AI to optimize your game. There is also some GFX tweaks to increase your picture, and boost the device for benchmark, to increase the performance. This app also feature Extreme FPS to increase your game FPS while reducing your phone memory load. Definitely one of the must have.


2. Game Launcher by BNG Mobi

This is most likely the original Game Booster app, released in 2009, that will provide you with the best gaming experience. With a single tap, you can play any game. Using the FPS monitor, you can also see how your device is performing and whether or not it is lagging. All of the issues will be easily resolved with a single tap.


3. Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode is available for free download. The Gaming Mode app is a bug and lag fixer. You can play your favorite games without experiencing lag. Use our game booster to play without lag! Game booster – The most effective gaming anti-lag tool! The only Gaming Mode app on the Play Store, with a useful set of features to improve and enhance your gaming experience. You only need to configure it once, and Gaming Mode will take care of the rest. Your one-and-only game booster and lag-reduction tool.


4. Game Booster Fire GFX

Game Booster will unlock your device’s full potential and elevate your gaming experience! For optimal gaming and performance, automatically boost your CPU, RAM, and re-index your disk. The All-In-One Toolbox Game Booster is the name of this app (Game Launcher, Booster, Gfx Setup, and Lag Fixer).


5. Game Booster X Free: Game Play Optimizer

The only Game Booster that actually accelerates your device. Game Booster X will unlock your phone’s full potential and take your gaming experience to the next level! You can boost your device’s performance with a single tap. Optimize your device automatically for better gaming and maximum performance!



TBOOST is a mobile game booster that allows you to unlock your maximum FPS Limit in order to fix lag and improve your FPS while decreasing stuttering in game. The app is simple to use; all you have to do is click optimize and the settings will be applied to the game. The app is completely safe, and it will not jeopardize any of your game accounts.


7. Fast Game – Booster

Fast Game Booster is a simple app that will help you improve the performance of your installed games. The app is straightforward, with a beautiful interface that makes it simple to use and comprehend. This is a must-have app for anyone interested in gaming on an older phone.


The best Android game booster apps listed above can be used to boost your gaming FPS while also cooling down your phone. Hopefully, the list will be of assistance to you in some way; thank you for reading, and have a pleasant day.

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