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Masha is one of the heroes who gets a very OP buff in the latest patch update of MOBA Mobile legends game. The update, which was presented at the end of season 23, seemed to want to include the fighter hero who was not very popular at first, so that it was included in META Mobile legends in the future. However, for those of you who are currently overwhelmed against Masha’s illicit hero, here are some of Masha’s counter buff op heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Belerick

Masha Counter Mobile Legends

The buff given by Moonton to Belerick can also be used to deal with Masha. This is because the taunt effect of Masha can stop the disruptive mobility of the hero, besides the large regen accompanied by high DPS abilities makes Belerick very good against the illicit hero.

2. Hylos

Masha Counter Mobile Legends

Besides Belerick, Hylos can also be used against Masha with his 2nd skill ability. This is because in addition to taking movement speed from the enemy, Hylos will also inflict high damage until the health of Masha leaks. Hylos’ skills can also be used to stun the hero so it’s easy to defeat.

3. Karrie

Masha Counter Mobile Legends

This marksman hero, although not given a buff by Moonton, is useful against Masha because the build of the hero has changed from a fighter with small health to a Tanker with large health. Marksman Karrie is a tanker destroying marksman who has the ability to kill any heroes with high health.

4. Baxia

Masha Counter Mobile Legends

Baxia is a hero destroying META Masha with the ability to reduce the health regen of the hero. If he runs away, Baxia has the skills to chase him so it can be said that Baxia is the one true counter for the annoying Fighter.

5. Claude

Masha Counter Mobile Legends

Just like Karrie, this tanker destroyer marksman can be used to destroy the buff given by Masha since the build change of the fighter hero. Keep in mind that in order to fight Masha using Claude, players must purchase Demon Hunter Swords.

Those are Masha’s 5 anti-hero heroes who recently got a very OP buff.  However, if you can’t fight Masha, there are times when bans are the right answer to deal with the illicit hero. Hero Masha herself is a fighter hero who has the ability to deal high damage according to her MaxHP. Besides being thick, this hero also has high mobility due to his ability to increase attack speed, damage, and movement speed when her HP decreases.

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