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If you’ve ever played Cookie Run Kingdom, you’ll know that it’s a game that’s not just challenging but also strategic. Of course, the game is entertaining to play, but it was quite frustrating to see your favourite cookie being slain by a more strong cookie. Because of that, Roonby will give you some of the best Cookie that are currently on the META and haven’t been nerfed by Devsister, making them one of the best cookies run Kingdom Arena teams to use for diamonds and other rewards. Take a look at them!

Best Team on Cookie Run Kingdom Arena to Win More Rounds

1. Eclair Cookies

Rating: Epic / Position: Middle / Role: Supports

Probably one of the game’s most useful cookies. This eclair cookie will give out a slew of debuffs to the hardest-hitting opponents, lowering their worth in the process. Not only that, but if the other cookies defeat the debuff-wielding cookies, the dead cookies will grant a shield to your teams, and so on. Eclair is an epic rated cookie who plays the role of support and plays in the middle of the field.

2. Dark Cacao Cookies

Rating: Ancient / Position: Front / Role: Charges

Still one of the best hard-hitting cookies, with the ability to not only debuff all other foes, lowering their attack, defense, and maximum health, but also immune to all crowd control abilities. Dark cacao cookies can also nullify an enemy’s shield, effectively neutralizing most support talents in the game. Dark Cacao Sweets are ancient rated cookies that serve as charges and plays on the field’s front.

3. Caramel Arrow Cookie

Rating: Epic / Position: Front / Role: Ranged

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a newly introduced cookie with the ability to transform her twin blades into a bow, allowing her to deal ranged attacks and leaving arrow marks on adversaries who will be dealt damage based on the cookie’s maximum HP. This cookie is also impervious to debuffs, and it’s one of the greatest for breaking single target supports, which annoy the majority of users. If you want to eliminate support cookie users, this is one of the finest options.

4. Frost Queen Cookie

Rating: Legendary / Position: Middle / Role: Magic

A Legendary-rated cookie with the ability to freeze all foes. In addition, when frozen, the target’s cooldown will be paused and they will take extra damage. Frost Queen Cookie is immune to interrupting effects and may utilize her aoe crowd control freezing spell to do massive damage to irritating adversaries. The Queen is usually used to stop the enemies from using their skills while dealing massive damage to them.

5. Sea Fairy Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom Arena

Rating: Legendary / Position: Middle / Role: Boomber

One of the best cookies, with strong aoe crowd control that can be utilized to stun and burst them up, causing massive damage on the enemy cookie. There isn’t much to say about these cookies, but when she unleashes the big waves, be sure you’re ready or you’ll drown.

6. Hollyberry Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom Arena

Rating: Ancient / Position: Front / Role: Defense

Defensive cookies with the ability to cause massive damage to foes while tanking, as well as absorb all of the damage dealt to teammates and inflict it on yourself. This cookie has a strong defense and can be used for a long run, which is ideal for beginners.

7. Tea Knight Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom Arena

Rating: Epic / Position: Front / Role: Charges

Tea Knight Cookie is a new charge role cookie with the ability to deal massive damage to enemies while also buffing his allies. There are many buffs that cannot be dispelled, and once Tea Knight Cookie reaches a certain condition, he will be resistant to cc abilities, allowing him to deal massive damage.

8. Cotton Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom Arena

Rating: Epic / Position: Rear / Role: Supports

The warm glow from Cotton Cookie’s lantern will occasionally restore the friends’ HP and improve the ATK of the summoned creatures. Cotton Cookie also summons sheep that charge at the enemies, delivering area damage and stunning them. For a limited time, the summoned sheep will battle alongside the Cookies.

About Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is probably one of the most favourite action role-playing games on mobile currently. The game is so popular, that it has been downloaded almost 10 million times since its release on 21 January. The game is available for both Android and iOS as a free play game with IAP!

Here are the best Cookie Run Kingdom Arena teams that you can use!

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