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There are so many good MMORPG games that you can play and download for your android phone, sadly with many of those using a high-quality engine, the phone that you need to run the game is also needed to have a high-quality specification. And so to take note that not many people have a high spec phone or devices, here are some of the best and good MMORPG games that you can used to play on your android low end devices android phone. Check it out!

1. Tamashi : Rise of Yokai

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is an anime-style 3D MMOARPG in which players can interact with a variety of yokai and guardian spirits known as Tamashi. The game immerses players in the role of a demon slayer in a magnificent yet dangerous world, complete with adorable characters, a finely tuned action system, and stunning visual effects. Gather your companions and embark on your adventure immediately!

Download: Google Play


Tigon Mobile, the developer behind Yulgang, has announced the release of Yulgang Global, a play-to-earn mobile game, on both Android and iOS. Players can play the successor to Yulgang Online here, and complete a variety of quests to obtain TIG Coins, which can then be converted to money.

Unlike many other play to earn games that are rushed to keep up with the trend, Yulgang Mobile has a solid scenario that has remained popular since its first release online as a popular MMORPG. You can mine crystals here to help your character evolve faster than others, with 7 classes that can be changed depending on your primary weapon. A one-of-a-kind Pet summons from a hellfire dragon to a cute little kitty, a Relic system to increase your character’s strength, and then compete in a skill battle in PVP mode.

Download: Tutorial how to download Yulgang Global!

3. Echoes of Magic

Echoes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG where you can customize your hero however you want.  Join now to set foot on an adventure, build the strongest hero to protect your homeland! If you are familiar with emblem build, players are able to build their skills and gain stats based on the skills that you had picked. For example, you pick 3 active rangers skills, and 3 passive assassins skills, then you will be a long range damage dealer that can deal massive critical damage to their enemies in style.

Download: Tutorial how to download Echoes of Magic!

4. The Legend of Neverland

In Neverland Adventure, player can make their own character and customize them accordingly. Not only that, Players can choose their own class that suits their playstyle anytime they wanted. Ranging from Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman and many more. Players can switch whenever they want, and match the skill tree talents accordingly.

There are also many contents that you can explore in the world, ranging from Dangerous Realm Corridor, Barren Ancient Ruins, and many more. You will also be accompanied by a flower fairy that will transform and grow into a human. The game is pretty enough, with good graphics, and awesome gameplay. Definitely check it out if you love Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, and Noah Hearts.

Download: Tutorial how to download The Legends of Neverland

5. Eliatopia

In Eliatopia you can, Customize your RPG class by selecting from hundreds of swords and other items. Utilize fire, ice, electricity, and poison to upgrade your weapons. Compete in PvP matches against other players and friends. Form or join a guild to forge strong alliances. There is plenty to do in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game set on the planet Eliatopia! Select from a variety of different builds, including warriors, archers, gunmen, wizards, and even a whipmaster. Yes, whips are permitted! Create the sickest character possible as you explore frightening dungeons and caves.

Download: Google Play

6. Dino Tamers

Welcom in Arcadia, the last hope of humanity. A primal lost world teeming with dinosaurs scavenging for food. This free dinosaur game lets you explore an open world and tame herbivores like the mighty triceratops. If you’re feeling brave, this survival game also features wild carnivores such as the raptor, spinosaur, and T rex. Make new friends online while riding prehistoric Jurassic beasts together!

Download: Google Play!

7. Pixil Online

Pixil is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in which you can battle monsters alongside your friends in a real-time open world with fantastic pixel graphics. Pixil was founded by two friends who share a passion for 2d online MMORPGs with the goal of creating a game that everyone can enjoy. The game will be updated frequently to ensure a superior experience, increased enjoyment, and a long-lasting community.

Download: Google Play!

Play The Game above on PC by Using Emulator:

Here we recommend you to use LDPlayers, one of the best lightweight Android emulators on PC. You can download it for free, and use it without any lags at all. The lowest setting only needs you to have Windows XP with 2GB RAM. Here is the full spec:

  • Intel or AMD Processor x86 / x64
  • Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10
  • OpenGL 2.0
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard disk space: 36GB [sekalian untuk gamenya]
  • Intel VT-x/ AMD-V

>>Download link<<

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