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Fanny Mobile Legends is one of several heroes who have received a banned subscription from Moonton. This is because the assassin hero has a variety of skills and mechanics that makes Moonton overwhelmed in finding a reasonable limit to get a midpoint in the buff or nerfs of the hero. A while ago, following the release of the Aspirant skin, Moonton gave a buff to the hero, and now as if wanting to reduce the hype of the hero, Moonton finally gave a nerf to the hero.

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Fanny Mobile Legends gets Nerf to reduce her abilities!

Mobile Legends Fanny nerf

Given this, Moonton wants to limit access to his skills so that it gives a nerf that is quite annoying even when he has a purple buff. The nerf given by Moonton is to reduce the regen energy he has so he has to save energy compared to flying from one lane to another. Although not significant, this nerf will be felt for fanny Mobile Legends users who do use this hero and access the skill 2 cables to fly here and there.

If you’re a Fanny user, do you think this nerf will reduce his abilities?

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Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game on android and iOS. Players will be sent to the land of dawn in a match of 5v5 to battle against one another to destroy their base. Players will be able to select more than 100 new heroes to battle against one another with different skills and strategies. Those that have the skill will win the game!

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