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NetEase recently released the CBT for their new Mobile ARPG game called Dark Bind, and surprisingly, the game is hella good to play. The game is similar to souls like game, with more challenging gameplay than most mobile games available. Personally, I have been dying here and there fighting the bosses in the game during the CBT phase.

If you are currently a newbie to the game, and are wanting to play the game, then here is a little guide for the best weapon in Dark Bind:

Best Weapon in Dark Bind (NetEase)

In Dark Bind, players can use one of three weapons, with the exception of the long-range bow, which can be shot using long ranged arrows. Each weapon has its own set of capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages, and if you want to find the best weapon, you should first understand them.


One of the most basic weapons in the game, Swords has a middle-ranged, a good combo that can be used and interrupted whenever you wanted, and enough mobility that you can use to further enhance your combos. Swords actually has 3 skills that you can use:

  • Storm Surge: This is a mobility skill that can be followed by 2 either by pressing a strong attack or regular attack area attack skills good enough as follow-up skills or as an opener to give massive damage to the enemies.
  • Swift Strike: This is a 3 strong attack skill that can be used to buff yourself by 5% with a total of 15% per stack for some time. This is a good enough damage skill that are usually used to deal damage with a large enough area.
  • Sky Slash: A high hitting combination skill that are really useful to whittle down the enemy’s health. This is your go-to armour breaking skills to deal massive damage to the enemies.

It is important to know that each time you deal combo either with your regular attack or strong attack until it is finished, you will gain a stack of ghosts that is going to increase your skill damage overall.


Gauntlets is another weapon in the game that has mobilities and combos. The damage pales in comparisson with swords, however, Gauntlet has a good enough combo to make up for it. Gauntlets also has abilities that are interruptable with dodge which makes it viable and fun to be played with if you love to dodge and fast acting mechanics. Sadly, the range is not that much so you will need to go in and out depending on your opponent’s attack. Gauntlet has 3 skills that you can use:

  • EndGame: A dash skill that is pretty useful as an opener to kill your enemies easily. However, do note that you can also perform this skill when you have enough stacks of spirit by using dodge and regular attack.
  • Knockout: A useful skill to interrupt the enemies combo, when using the skills you will generate a shockwave and then follow with a strong blow in front of you. You can also use spirit to immediately use this skill when using a strong attack follow with this skill to increase the knockback effect.
  • Fastfist: Damaging skills where you can deal massive damage and break the opponent’s armour, you can also use this skill after using 3 follow up regular attack combos and spirit.

Each time you deal damage with Gauntlet you will get Spirits that can be used to trigger skills when using regular and strong attack without any CD.


Axe is a long-range, high burst damage weapon in the game. Axe pale in comparison with Gauntlets and Swords in terms of combos and mobilities, however, Axe users make it up with long range and huge damage. Axe also has 3 skills that you can use:

  • Chop: Is dash damage dealing skills, where you will Rams up the target for 2.5 seconds, you tap regular attack to deal another burst of damage to the enemies at the cost of Valor.
  • Crushing Blow: is a counter ability that is going to launch your opponents to the air, if they hit you with a regular attack. You can also use valour to immediately deal with 3 strong attacks on the enemies.
  • Get Axed: this is a strong combo dealing skill where you can immediately deal massive damage to the enemies after pressing, this is your go-to damage dealing skill when you see the opponents are on the ground.

Valor is an axe passive skill to unlock another set of combos that you can utilize to deal massive damage to the enemies.

So, based on the explanation above, here are some of the categories for the best weapon in the game:

Best Weapon in terms of Combos:

  1. Gauntlet
  2. Swords
  3. Axe

Best Weapon in terms of Damage

  1. Axe
  2. Swords
  3. Gauntlets

Best Weapon in terms of Mobilities

  1. Gauntlets
  2. Swords
  3. Axe

Best weapon for Beginners

  1. Swords
  2. Axe
  3. Gauntlets

There you go, the best weapon Dark bind for all categories, what do you guys think? Did you have a different idea?

Play Dark Bind on PC:

Customize Control for Dark Bind on LDPlayer:

  • First of all, click on the keyboard icon that is available on the right side of the LDPlayer
  • After clicking the keyboard icon, there is going to be some button that you can choose in the emulator. One of which is the move buttons that looks like Joystick, and the other will let you do a tapping motion by clicking your keyboard.

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