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Duoyi Games recently announced the official release of their mobile game Gunfire Reborn on April 13, 2022, allowing players to play the rogue-lite RPG game on iOS and Android! The mobile version of this popular FPS game allows players to explore a dungeon full of monsters.

Mobile version of Gunfire Reborn can be Played!

This game, which has been downloaded and has sold 2 million copies worldwide, can finally be played on your smartphone. Gunfire Reborn Mobile combines elements from FPS and RPG along with rogue-lite features to give players an exciting action game. Several heroes with various abilities can be played in this mobile game, where players can use characters such as dogs with dual wield, cats who are proficient in sorcery, and taekwondo birds with large yellow shield abilities.

Gunfire reborn mobile

Players can play the game alone or online to work together to complete challenging dungeons. In the Mobile version, players will get a performance change in shooting by adding the auto-aim feature to the players of the mobile game. This game has been released in Europe and will be released in the future globally on June 22, 2022, including in Indonesia.

If players are interested, Gunfire Reborn Mobile is available on the European Google Play Store right now and the iOS App Store. Interested players can also try the game on Steam PC.

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