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It’s impossible to say you’ve played Splitgate from your newbie days till now without doing some things wrongly. It is very easy to get accustomed to these wrong practices. Quite sadly, some experts still find it difficult to do away with some poor Splitgate habits they picked up. And are still stuck with them till now.

This article will mention some common mistakes that Splitgate players make and possible ways to avoid them. Also, Buy Splitgate Cheats to help give you an upper hand and increase your progress speed.

6 Common Splitgate mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Portal traps

If you have ever played Splitgate against an experienced player, you may have noticed empty portals. Experienced players use portals to sidetrack opponents by placing one close by. The naïve player then focuses on the portal, expecting an enemy to emerge. This makes it possible for opposing team members to take out the distracted player.

Check the portal to ensure you are not turning your back to impending danger. While doing this, also endeavour to keep an eye on any opponent you may have been engaged with. Worthy of note is that you can fire through portals. The hip-fire reticle will turn red if you have an opponent on the portal’s other side.

2. Trying to use a grenade to kill enemies.

Unlike other games, Splitgate grenades don’t inflict damage on opponents. Instead, they are made for use against portals. So, even if you detonate a grenade right beside an enemy, just don’t be surprised when they appear unharmed. Use those EMPs to destroy their tunnels instead.

Also, note that you can’t use your grenades to destroy a teammate’s portal. They are only effective against the opposition. So, use your grenades to gain control over some strategic spots on the map and keep the opposing team out.

3. Reloading during a fight

A quick way to take damages inSplitgate is by being out of ammo in the midst of heavy gunfire battles. The next thing that comes to mind is reloading the weapon. Unfortunately, the reload animation takes a considerable amount of time- enough to get you some hits if you don’t take cover.

Splitgate programmers did a great job with the weapon swap, as it takes a negligibly short period to swap. Notably, your weapons swap faster than they reload. So, when next you run low on a clip, swap your weapons instead of reloading.

4. Ignoring portals

Just like oxygen is inseparable from respiration, portals cannot be separated from Splitgate either. Because the game creators know you’ll need them a lot if you want to make those quick movements on the map. Experienced players use the portal a lot, especially at the beginning of the game, to secure heavy weapons.

No one will reward you for not using your portals, so make sure to use them whenever the need arises. They are a fast way to move around on the map. And if used strategically, it can be a good tool to boost your kill count.

5. Not closing your portals.

Some players get killed by players who follow them through a portal they left open. Also, since bullets can travel through portals, it’s a notable way of getting hit. This is a common occurrence when players use tunnels to escape the gunfire.

Another effect of this is that they may block your team members from moving between contested areas of the map. So make sure to close all your portals periodically once you have used them.

6. Using default weapons

It’s common to see new players just rush into the game with the default settings and weapons. We are not saying your default guns are useless in any way, but they may not be suitable for you. Different players are more comfortable with different plays, and different weapons correspond to different styles.

Moreover, different weapons work better in specific situations. For example, snipers are great for long-range fights. So, take some time to experiment with the different guns to make a suitable choice of weapons.


Splitgate arena warfare is labelled a difficult game. And can be even more difficult when you’re not getting some things done right. However, with the right adjustments and precautions, you can correct some errors and boost your game mastery.

So, take note of the above mistakes and identify the ones you are guilty of. Then, follow the corresponding advice to avoid those mistakes in your subsequent matches.

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