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TIG is the newest NFT P2E currency that can be obtained by playing Yulgang Global, which is one of the recent and most popular MMORPGs since its release. The game is so popular because it is one of the recent games that implement the NFT system to the game.

However, to do this, you will need to gain level 40 and transfer to the second job to collect crystals that can be then exchanged for TIG Coins. TIG can then be exchanged for WEMIX Credits to buy WEMIX Crypto on the market globally.

If you are currently looking for a way to get Crystal in the game, there are about 4 ways to gain Crystal, here’s how!

4 Ways to Gain Crystal in Yulgang Global!

1. Daily Quest

Crystal Yulgang Global

Each day, Yulgang Global will give you a quest that you can finish daily to get enough crystal for your daily needs. Aside from Crystal, you will also get EXP Bonuses for your character that you can use to increase your daily Crystal production.

2. Dragon Cave

For level 40 you will be able to open Dragon Cave and then mine crystals there, not only that, when you reach level 60 you can unlock high-grade crystals that are going to give you more crystals in return for your hard grind.

3. Demon Hunter Cave

Crystal Yulgang Global

Basically a PVP between another player inside the game, this is a cross-server conquest where players can battle against other players on another server in a one huge map. You can also get crystal in Demon Hunter Cave.

4. Shard Crafting

Crystal Yulgang Global

You can find Drop Crystal Shards and then craft them to gain crystal in Yulgang Global.

That’s all we got for now, but if you’re looking for another means to earn additional crystals in the game, keep checking back. If you want to get TIG Coins in the game, bookmark the Roonby website in your browser so that you may get the newest information on how to obtain more Crystal in the game.

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