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There are many reasons to play Yulgang Global, one of which is because of the NFT system Play to Earn where you can earn money when playing the game. Crystal is the main currency in the game that can be used to change and Forge into TIG Coins, which is the NFT in the game. If you are currently looking for a way to earn more crystals in the game, then you should definitely follow the tips below!

Increase Your Crystal Production in Yulgang Global!

1. Login Daily

Now probably one of the most underrated tips for the game, mainly because each day, players can get a bunch of different quests that you can use to get more crystals. This will increase your crystal production even if it is just a little, which means that you can immediately feel it if you be consistent.

2. Grinds and Increase your level!

There are many benefits to increasing your level in the game, for example, Dragon cave is only accessible when you reach level 40, and you can mine higher crystals if you reach level 60. So be sure to grind level more to get the most benefits on the game!

3. Invest in yourself first before changing your TIG Coins!

Yulgang Global Redeem Codes

Crystal, aside from being used to forge TIG coin, can also be used to increase your skill level, upgrades your equipment, and many more to make your character more powerful. This will help you compete in the PVP conquest raid, to gain more rewards in the game, and help you increase your worth so you can get more crystals next. Of course, this is a long term investment to help you in the game.

4. Use Codes to Get more Items in the game

Did you know that the Yulgang Global developer also releases codes to increase your character worth, by using the freebies? If you are interested then you could use the codes here “Yulgang Global Redeem Codes April 2022!”

5. If you can beat the bots, be the bots!

Yulgang Global Download

We all know that there are so many bots in the games, my only take is that if you can’t beat them, then join them. One of the perks of MMORPG games with a little auto is that you can grind endlessly, so download an emulator, put a script and then use it! My only recommendation for emulator is LDPlayers, which has a lightweight, build in keymapping that will help you play the game, and macro/script function.

Hopefully, these little tips will help you improve your crystal production in the game. Yulgang Global is one of the most popular NFT Play to Earn games currently with many players trying to play the game. But with the increasing bot trying to take profit in the game is making the game unplayable. So my takes on that is to be the bot yourself.

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