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If you’ve played Tera, you’re probably familiar with and fond of a game called Tera Online. Tera Dark Awakening, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was so successful in 2011, has now been available on smartphones. Players can now access the game’s mobile edition, which is available on Android and iOS. You can download it immediately!

Yes, the game that was just shut down will finally be available on mobile platforms for Android and iOS. However, fear not, as Tera Dark Awakening’s gameplay is identical to that of the PC version. Longtu Games, which is already well-known for comparable MMORPG games with similar themes publish the games.

In Tera Dark Awakening, players can choose from a variety of occupations, including assassins, swordsmen, healers, magicians, and archers. Tera Dark Awakening follows a group of youthful heroes as they attempt to defend the planet from awakened darkness, hence the title. If you’re a fan of the previous Tera online on PC, you’re sure to recognize this one.

Download Tera Dark Awakening for Android:

Tera Dark Awakening

For Android:

For iOS:

Play Tera Dark Awakening on PC:

Tera Dark Awakening

Customize Control for Tera Dark Awakening on LDPlayer:

  • First of all, click on the keyboard icon that is available on the right side of the LDPlayer
  • After clicking the keyboard icon, there is going to be some button that you can choose in the emulator. One of which is the move buttons that looks like Joystick, and the other will let you do a tapping motion by clicking your keyboard.

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