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Cherry Blossom Cookie is a brand-new Cookie that was added to the Cookie Run Kingdom in the most recent update. The Cookie is an ambush cookie with the ability to effortlessly kill adversaries while enhancing her team’s offence. If you’re a Cookie Run Kingdom fan who’s curious about Cherry Blossom Cookies in the game, here are some facts regarding Cherry Blossom Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cherry Blossom Cookie Facts!

Here are some facts that you might not know about Cherry Blossom Cookie in the game!

1. Cherry Blossom Cookie has a younger sister

Yes, Cherry Blossom Cookie has a younger sister named Cherry Cookie that’s a bomber cookie with abilities to deal AOE damage to the team.

2. Inspired by Mary Poppins

Because of her suitcase, her demeanour, and the fact that she flies with a parasol, her persona could be a homage to Mary Poppins from the classic Disney film.

3. Cherry Blossom Cookie is Inspired by Sakura Tree in Japan

The fact that she was published in the spring is a nod to the fact that sakura trees bloom in the spring, which typically occurs between late March and early May. Additionally, Cherry Blossom Cookie’s love of picnics is most likely a nod to the Japanese ritual of hanami (literally “flower gazing”), in which people congregate to enjoy picnics beneath cherry blossom trees while they are in bloom.

4. Cherry Blossom Cookie possesses abilities that are similar to Pancake Cookie.

Both has the same abilities that could be used to kill the enemies and bomb them one after another!

Currently, Cherry Blossom Cookie is one of the cookie that’s being featured in the banner of Cookie Run Kingdom, if you are interested in recruiting Cherry Blossom Cookie in your teams, then you should definitely use this banner to get her abilities in the game!

About Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is probably one of the most favourite action role-playing games on mobile currently. The game is so popular, that it has been downloaded almost 10 million times since its release on 21 January. The game is available for both Android and iOS as a free play game with IAP!

Play Cookie Run: Kingdom on PC:

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