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Although there are many new devices being released this day, there are still many people that use low-end devices with low RAM that can’t be used to play today’s game. If you are using a low-end device and wanted to play RPG games, then you might want to check out a this Best RPG Games with Low Graphic on Android 2022

Best RPG Games with Low Graphic on Android 2022 for 2GB Device

1. The Way Home

Kevin and Cheese are stranded on an unfamiliar island, attempting to get home. Meet other lost people as well as frightening monsters hiding on the island. Assist our sad couple in finding THEIR WAY HOME! Resources collected from dungeons and islands can be used to create buildings. Make a variety of structures to help you escape. You’ll encounter NPCs and learn more about the plot as you travel across four islands. Will Kevin and Cheese be able to escape the island? The warmth of lights and shadows on a vintage pixel art style will greet you upon your arrival.

Download: Google Play!

2. Powerlust – action RPG roguelike

An old-school action RPG roguelike with manual battles. Powerlust is a roguelike action RPG featuring manual combat and a dark mood. There are no ads or peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. Nothing is set in stone, so feel free to play as a fire mage carrying a two-handed sword or a necro archer. When it comes to spells, weapons, abilities, and masteries, there are a plethora of options to pick from. You may develop a plethora of builds and continuously find new methods to smash your opponents!

Download: Google Play!

3. Fantasy Raid: Diablo-like RPG

Tired of games where you can’t do anything? You can play Polygon Fantasy, which is a free modern version of an old-school hack and slash action top RPG, for free. There is a lot of random loot, character skill customization, passive attributes, cool perks, socketed items, crafting, merging gems, and so on.


This is what you would expect from a deep diablo-like game. This game lets you explore a lot of different places. You can go into the darkest dungeon, where there are traps and mystical places. You can also fight champions with random powers and cool boss monsters, which can be humanoid, demons, animals, or even plants. A lot of it is free for people to use on their phones or tablets. It also comes with a lot of online features, such as a way to keep your files in the cloud

Download: Google Play!

4. Pocket Rogues

Pocket Rogues is a retro-styled action-RPG that was created in the Roguelike genre and is great fun. Shoot your way through swarms of creatures while going across different and randomly generated locations and constructing your own stronghold. In addition, you must choose a hero and construct your own fortress. Aside from real-time conflicts, you’ll also have to spend a lot of time investigating the environment and learning new talents to succeed in this game.

Download: Google Play!

5. Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a pixel art Roguelike Dungeon Crawler RPG. In every game, there are four characters to play as, randomized levels and adversaries, and hundreds of objects to gather and use. If you want to win, you’ll need to put some thought into your approach!

Download: Google Play!

6. Labyrinth of the Witch

A wide variety of items can be strategically employed to deal with the ever-changing dungeons. Anyone and Everyone can enjoy this Rogue-like. Difficult game mechanisms are absent from this straightforward dungeon exploring RPG. Play wherever you are with your smartphone. With the auto-save option, you may pick up where you left off at any moment.

Download: Google play!

7. Gone Rogue

Gone Rogue is a roguelike game with hand-drawn tile-based aesthetics. You can choose between normal mode (continue after death) and nightmare mode (permanent death). The game is turn-based, but there is also a real-time option. There are tons of weapons, treasures, and zones to discover. Defeat opponents with steel or magic. Go to town to relax and recover. Epic Roguelike Roleplaying Adventure Game Gone Rogue is out now. It’s time to go dungeon crawling and leveling up in a completely random environment! Add improvements to socketed items to create your own epic items. Because items are generated anew each time you play, no two games will ever have the same set of items.

Download: Google Play!

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