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Echoes of Mana is one of the mobile RPG games that should be played because it offers very slick and nostalgic gameplay to fans of Square Enix’s Mana series. However, the game uses the gacha concept, making this game and its players use the reroll feature the game to get the most OP heroes in Square Enix’s new ARPG game. Here, please note that players will get a freeroll for the first time by Square Enix when playing the latest RPG game. Here players can get characters in META Echoes of Mana that can be used to simplify your playing experience at the beginning of the game.

Well, here we will teach you how to quickly re-roll in the Echoes of Mana game.

How to re-roll in Echoes of Mana:

Here, to re-roll in Echoes of Mana, players must complete the first tutorial to get a guaranteed *3 character. After that, players can take all the pre-registration prizes and do gacha until the pre-registration prizes run out. If you don’t get the character you want, you can do the following steps to delete your character in the game.

  1. Exit Game Echoes of Mana
  2. Open Echoes of Mana but don’t press the title screen to log into the game
  3. Look for “User Support” in the game
  4. Press Delete User Data to delete your data

By doing this, players don’t need to install and re-download the Echoes of Mana game, moreover, players don’t need to use another email to get the character you want. Here players still have to complete the first tutorial available to do gacha until they get the character you want.

A few tips that can be used to make it easier to Re-roll gacha in Echoes of Mana:

The author advises players to use an emulator such as the LDPlayer example which can be used to play android games on a PC using the emulator. This emulator is light enough that it gives players the freedom to record player actions with a feature called ‘Operation Recorder’ that can be used to make it easier to complete Tutorials in the RPG game.

What’s more, players can also use the multi-instance feature to run many Echoes of Mana games directly and make it easier to get the character you want. Here are some tips to keep in mind for re-rolling the Echoes of Mana gacha using LDPlayers:

  • Use the ‘Operation Recorder’ feature to run the Echoes of Mana game directly without any hassle. This feature can be activated by using the F10 key when using LDPlayers. Run this feature after inputting your character name
  • Don’t clear cache, do the tips above by using Title Screen > User Support > Delete User Data to make it easier to re-roll
  • Use the LDMultiplayer CTRL+2 feature to run multiple Echoes of Mana Games directly. You can also clone LDPlayer so you don’t have to re-download the Echoes of Mana game.

Please note here that LDPlayers is one of the Lightweight emulators that can be used to play Android games without burdening your PC. Please download LDplayers on the official website! Those are some tips that you can use to get the character you want in the game Echoes of Mana, what do you think?

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