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Vampire Survivor is probably one of the most popular games currently. A good challenging gameplay, added with awesome RPG likes system makes the games look pretty good in my opinion. However, for those that didn’t know, Vampire Survivor is actually based on a mobile game called Magic Survivor made by Leme. And for those that are interested in the game genre, should definitely check out this list of similar android games to Vampire Survivor.

Play Best Vampire Survivor Like Games on PC by Using Emulator:

Here we recommend you to use LDPlayers, one of the best lightweight Android emulators on PC. You can download it for free, and use it without any lags at all. The lowest setting only needs you to have Windows XP with 2GB RAM. Here is the full spec:

  • Intel or AMD Processor x86 / x64
  • Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10
  • OpenGL 2.0
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard disk space: 36GB [sekalian untuk gamenya]
  • Intel VT-x/ AMD-V

>>Download link<<

9 Best Android Games Similar to Vampire Survivor!

1. Magic Survival

For decades of wizard conflict, far too many death magics have been abused… By the vestiges of the magics that inhabited it, the spirit existing in nature transforms into a demon, devouring all living creatures. Using diverse techniques, expel sick spirits from all directions.

Download: Google Play

2. Magic Dungeon

Enemies are approaching from all sides! In this situation, use lightning to strike a large number of foes! Is it true that a powerful creature has appeared? Then let’s put a stop to the flow of monsters towards the black hole! Magic talents can be learned in Magic Dungeon. Create your own strategies with a wide range of spells! You can improve your talents by exploring dungeons and earning gold.

Download: Google Play!

3. Super Wizard

Super Wizard is a Roguelike action game with over 20 magic powers to choose from. Different battle styles will result from different combinations of magic skills. Furthermore, the large number of artifacts with varied spell effects will make the conflict infinite.

Download: Google Play!

4. Witch of Perigrette

All of her abilities are revoked there. In addition to losing all of their abilities, the master’s “Pretty Girls” are attacking them! Begin from the beginning and work your way up to level 20! The only thing the player has to do is move the main character around. When the main character’s power increases, he will automatically shoot magic.

You can use up to 8 spells! The gauge will notify you when to use your magic, so act accordingly to gain an advantage. The power you get from crystals can be transferred to La Nada! Even if you fall, as long as you pick up crystals, your experience will not be wasted!

Download: TapTap

5. LAB Escape!

Hello there, little specimen! You’re the unstable… object that a scientist has captured.  Consume meats, choose random Mutations, and devour any bad folks in your path!  Every time you gain flesh, you can choose mutations to strengthen your specimen. Running game in the rogue-like style with dynamic mutation elements.  Every mutation card can be stacked up to three times for greater effect. Collect a set of headwear to complement your specimen.

Download: Google Play!

6. Magic Adventure: Survival

Welcome to a mysterious realm teeming with hostile monsters and surviving mage! Set off on a perilous and fascinating journey to rid the world of evil! Acquire magical abilities and grow in strength to overcome all adversaries!

Download: Google Play!

7. Pixel

Pixel is an online and offline pixel magic battle royale game. Fight violent fights with other players on different maps and win! Winning games allows you to collect awards, unlock powerful characters, equip weapons and armor, and destroy other upgraded players.

Download: Google Play

8. Animal Wizard

Luna, the Dark Witch, who dares to ruin Wonderland, and Alice, the Light Witch, who tries to avert the disaster. Alice and the Animal Wizards set out on their quest to awaken Wonderland’s savior.
Will Alice and the bestial beasts establish harmony to their country, or will the Darkness destroy it? The fate of Wonderland is now in your hands, our savior.

Download: Google Play!

9. Vampire Survivor

Vampire Survivor is a shooting game with pixel graphics. The game includes 7 characters and 22 weapons for a thrilling experience! Players will keep fighting monsters until they perish! Walk freely to finish the task, enjoy a variety of super-weapon synthesis game modes, improve your weapons and battle power, and take on tougher monsters! Interested gamers should hurry and download the Chinese version of the Vampire Survivor mobile version to get a head start!

Download: APKFile

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