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Apex Legends Mobile is now playable on both Android and iOS mobile devices. With hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of gamers anticipating the release of this mobile game, users may now enjoy playing these PC and console FPS games on android and iOS. And similar to other first-person shooter games, the higher the frame rate, the more fluid the gameplay and the easier it is to fire.

The mobile version of Apex Legends cannot achieve 120 frames per second like the PC version, however, there is a little trick and you are able to attain 90FPS to improve your gaming experience. If you are interested and looking for a way, here’s how:

How to get 90 FPS in Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile 90FPS

First of all, You must have a suitable mobile gaming device in order to play Apex Legends Mobile at 90 frames per second. In addition, players must be aware that by using the HFR (High Frame Rate) mode, they will require the performance of their smartphone to be more stable than usual, resulting in a rapid increase in temperature. If you already know the conditions and know the consequences of 90 FPS, then you can follow the steps below to get the highest frame rate:

  • In the lobby, players only need to press the settings button in the lower left corner
  • After that, look for Graphics and Audio to bring up the graphics and Frame rate settings for the Apex Legends Mobile game
  • Then, look for Frame Rate Settings and in that section, press Extreme to get 90 FPS
  • Press Ok and restart your game to get your best optimal frame rate setting.

Note: Please note that the HFR Extreme setting in Apex Legends Mobile is only useful for normal graphics.

Again, In order for players to achieve that high frame rate, they must also own a high spec phone. If a player discovers that their phone becomes uncomfortably heated up, they can reset the setting in the same manner as before.

Apex Legends Mobile is The latest first-person shooter (FPS) game from EA and Respawn Entertainment, which features exhilarating gameplay that is comparable to that of the PC and console versions of the game. This game is available on android, as well as iOS, and while it’s not recommended, it can also be played on a PC using an emulator!

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